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Our wood is properly kiln-dried and moisture in the wood is kept under 12% for all finished products. We also use high-quality finishing products to ensure the quality of our furniture kept to a very high standard. As most of our furniture is handcrafted, every piece is different. Most of our furniture are made with luxurious timbers such as South American Walnut/Suar Wood, Mahogany and Teak, and a robust and long-lasting wood that offers vivid and resistant finished products.

Please note our wood is a continuous slice of wood from a carefully selected tree trunk. Due to various factors such as weather and different environmental condition, cracking is a very normal and natural part of the wood process. Cracking occurs due to natural reaction of a living, breathing slab of natural wood to its surroundings and ageing and is not considered a defect.

Cracks as well as difference in form, color, and characteristic, makes every single piece of furniture unique. These variations do not compromise the structural performance or integrity of the wood and are considered inherent to the natural beauty of the design.

Examples of Natural crack likely to develop over a lifetime of use:

Small cracks, surface cracks, long thin cracks, and movement around knots are completely natural and normal.

Wood Care Instructions

  • Imperfections such as cracks is a normal characteristic of wood but if you want to minimize it, you can use a wood-specific mineral oil to help moisten the wood and lessen the development of cracks.
  • To maintain the original wood character and color, the wood can be treated with natural wood oil. Avoid using silicone-based or spray polishing products, as it can be absorbed by the natural wood.
  • Keep the products in a regulated humidity.
  • Normal dirt or dust can be removed with warm water and soft cloth.
  • If a liquid spill occurs, it must be cleaned immediately as this will damage the wood due to staining. Using a clean, highly absorbent cloth, carefully and gently wipe the liquid till it is all gone.
  • Avoid placing the wood pieces near fireplace, heating vents, windows or in direct sunlight. The excess heat can dry out the wood.
  • Products should not be stored outdoors or exposed to unprotected weather conditions such as rain or cold.

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