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Dedicated to enriching spaces aesthetically and functionally

Avanica Furniture is rooted in the love of fine craftsmanship and exquisite aesthetic. Seeking out traditionally handcrafted wooden furnishings, this Canadian brand is hinged on a desire to bring artistry and finesse of superior quality. Hand picked and curated for every kind of space, the furnishings and handicrafts are contemporary with a traditional charm.

“Working exclusively with luxurious timber”

Avanica Furniture is a successful high-end furniture Retailer. We specialise in exciting, dramatic, unusual and inspiring wooden furniture. With an emphasis on using the pure natural wood to produce a range which adds beauty and value to any home.

Dedicated to enriching spaces aesthetically and functionally, Avanica Furniture offers a wide range of products that can be customized to accommodate every detail of your vision. Our products are all hand-crafted using natural wood and other materials which blend the traditions of those countries with a modern influence to produce goods which we believe creates an exciting new form to enhance any setting, whilst also being hard wearing and functional yet at prices which do not put them out of reach. Working exclusively with luxurious timber, the furnishings are enhanced by the intricacies and individual quality of the craftsmanship. No two pieces are alike as each piece is the work of an artist carrying on the legacy of traditional woodwork and handicrafts. Most of what we offer is not to be found in any other stores in Canada and serves the market which is hankering for top quality goods which stand out from the crowd and are represent the very best in artisan carpentry. Visit our website or one of our retail locations to see our products.

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